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Species is a 3D character workflow I developed with Eric Thivierge and Exocortex Technologies that can drastically speed up any artist's workflow. By combining the usual rigging and "basemesh" modeling steps of the standard character pipeline into one easy to use and versatile system, Species enables the user to make large scale adjustments to a template character's proportions using a unique "Proportional Rig". The user can then generate a production ready Animation Rig with the newly resized mesh automatically enveloped.

Our first component of Species, called Hominid, can be used to quickly create whole libraries of unique humanoid characters that can share and swap many different attributes like blendshapes, envelopes, UV coordinates, hi-poly sculpting details and animation sources. This system can be used with the provided base meshes or, in just a few steps, with a mesh of your own design.

Exocortex Species supports Autodesk Softimage 2010, 2011 and 2012 on both Windows and Linux.

See what people are saying about Species:

"We like species. The characters are varied and detailed, and are ready to use straight away.”-3D World Magazine
"We're currently using Species on a couple of projects. It's a great product and makes me wish I had more characters to model!”-Tim Crowson, Magnetic Dreams
“I just wanted to give a thumbs up to the creators of Species. The plug-in is now an important tool in my regular pipeline. It’s literally saving me days on each character.” -Robert Dowling, Pixelpickle Games

For more info on Species, feel free to look at our product page.

To learn more about using Species, check out our tutorial videos page on Vimeo ( over 24 videos and growing ) and our online documentation.

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Grow Rig Character Creation System

Grow Rig Demo Video

A precursor to Species, The Grow Rig system is my first attempt at 3d character automation in Softimage. Its a very simple set of jscripts in a custom toolbar and an early prototype of the "Proportional Rig" concept.

As it is by no means a professional software product, Grow Rig may be freely downloaded here.