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Chris Covelli

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 718-909-4099





3D Artist specializing in Character Design, Modeling, and Animation. Strong skills in Organic and Hard Surface Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering.

My aim is to grow as a 3d artist, develop new skills and work on exciting projects.



Freelance 3D at Quietman



Modeling, Animation, Surfacing, Rendering


Clients: Newsday, Crayola, Febreeze, Charles Shwab,

Freelance 3D at Scarlett

April - May 2011


Modeling, Animation, Surfacing, Rendering


Clients: Garnier

Freelance 3D at Pure

June - July 2010


Modeling, Animation, Surfacing, Rendering


Clients: Tide

Freelance 3D at Superfad



Modeling, Animation


Clients: Listerine, Nascar, LG

Freelance 3D at Janimation



Modeling, Animation


Clients: Gearbox Software, Barney the Purple Dinosaur

Freelance 3D at Speakeasy



Modeling, Animation, Surfacing, Rendering


Clients: American Express, Coca-Cola, Sesame Street,

Freelance 3D at Smoke and Mirrors

October 2007




Clients: O2 Department Stores

Freelance 3D at Turbulence Effects

September - Novemeber 2006


Animation, Surfacing, Rendering


Medical Presentation

Freelance 3D at Creative Group

July - August 2006




Environment Modeling for feature sci-fi film Sleep Dealer, directed by Alex Rivera

Freelance 3D at GlassEye Pix



Lead Creature Modeler, Lead Creature Animator for indie horror film The Last Winter, directed by Larry Fessenden and starring Ron Perlman



Exocortex Species

May 2011-Present


Collaborators: Chris Covelli, Eric Thivierge, Ben Houston


Role: Creative Director and owner of Species. Developed initial concepts and prototyping of "Proportional Character Rig" which is used to make large scale proportional changes to an existing template character. Created all of the character models, and blendshapes provided with software package.



Species featured in 3D World Magazine

April 2012


Exocortex Species featured / reviewed in 3D World Magazine in April 2012


Quote: "We like Species. The characters are varied and detailed, and are ready to use straight away."




Autodesk Softimage
Autodesk Maya
Pixologic Zbrush
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Character Modeling
Hard-Surface Modeling
Digital Sculpting
Character Animation
3D Texturing
3D Lighting
3D Rendering






8 years experience
1 years experience
5 years experience
8 years experience
5 years experience
5 years experience
8 years experience
8 years experience
5 years experience
6 years experience
4 years experience
3 years experience
3 years experience



State University of New York at Purchase College

1999 - 2003


BFA, Animation, Printmaking, Sculpture



From LinkedIn

Greg Punchatz

Sr. Creative Director at Janimation


"Chris is dedicated to not only making his work awesome but to making sure it is done on time. I would hire Chris again and he would be an asset to any team."

June 1, 2009


Ludovick M Michaud

CG Supervisor/Pipeline Supervisor at Reel FX


"Chris is someone we've always trusted when it came to animation. His skills have grown tremendously since the first time he worked for us as a freelance. One would even argue that he's good at more than just animation. And that person would be right. Chris demonstrate great quality as a modeler/sculptor and shading/lighting/rendering. From what I've seen so far in the past few years I've known him. I do believe that he's will be a great addition as a full time or freelance artist. We're looking forward to our next project with Chris. "

July 6, 2009


Jayel Draco

Free-lance Animating, Compositing, Special Effects


"Chris is a terrific 3d animation artist. His ability to bring a character to life within a 3d environment is uncanny. His character, prop and scenic modeling skills are well polished and exceptionally fast. His ability to add style to a project or work within a projects predefined style speaks well for his versatility as a free-lancer. I have worked with Chris many times over the course of the last decade and will continue to work with him. He is invaluable as a team member and also quite qualified to work alone. I strongly recommend Chris Covelli for 3d animation and modeling."

April 19, 2009


Eric Thivierge

Animation TD/AnimFX at Hybride


"It has been a pleasure working with Chris over the past few years on the Species character creation system. His vision and belief in the system provided constant enthusiasm that continued through to the release. Chris was open to suggestions and improvements in the system and also thought outside of the box to help direct development of new features that now make the system even more useful. Chris works tirelessly providing accurate and quality work continuously. I'm looking forward to continuing work with Chris."

October 10, 2012